Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We respect the rights of all our patients. In return, we ask that you co-operate with us by fulfilling your responsibilities. Please approach our staff if you need any assistance.

As a Orchid Medical Centre’s patient, you have the right to:

1. Be treated with dignity and respect

  • Receive appropriate and professional healthcare regardless of your age, gender, race, religion, nationality, and social status, physical or mental handicap.
  • Meet and talk with family, friends and other visitors during visiting hours unless advised otherwise by your doctor or unless such rights are restricted in accordance with prevailing guidelines such as those implemented to control the transmission of infectious diseases. You also have the right to refuse visitors.
  • The hospital will respect your known wishes, to the extent permitted by the law and the hospital.

2. Receive information and explanation about your medical condition by your providers

  • Be informed about your medical condition, treatment and possible results in a language that you understand (where possible).
  • Be informed about the possible risks, side effects and alternative methods of treatment.
  • Be provided with the necessary information to make a meaningful decision.
  • Be informed of unwanted or unanticipated treatment outcomes.
  • Have access to people and information about health education, self-care and prevention of illness.
  • Always clarify any procedure being carried out for you.

3. Participate in decisions involving your medical condition

  • Participate in decisions involving your medical condition and potential treatment.
  • Seek a second medical opinion.
  • Refuse medical care or recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law. However, in refusing treatment, you will have to accept the responsibility for any medical consequences resulting from your decision. (You will be briefed on the possible medical consequences).
  • Give consent to procedures that are not part of routine investigations.

4. Know the names and roles of your health care providers

  • Know the names and the roles of the doctor/s and healthcare staff in charge of your treatment and care.

5. Confidentiality and privacy of your medical information

  • Have your medical information at the hospital kept private and confidential. Except where required by law, it is against our hospital’s policy to share your medical information with anyone else not involved with your care without your permission.
  • Have your medical information accessed only by those involved in your care and those monitoring the quality of medical services. All information regarding your care will be kept confidential.
  • A discharge summary will be given in accordance to the hospital’s policy.
  • Have your medical records kept in a safe and protected environment.

6. Be aware of estimated costs for procedures and treatments

7. Give Us Feedback

  • We welcome and appreciate feedback on areas of improvement.
  • The hospital would like to assure that no care would be compromised when feedback for improvements are received.

Your responsibilities are to:

1. Provide complete and accurate information about yourself

  • Provide complete and accurate information relevant to your health, including present condition, past illness, past hospitalisation and medication.
  • Notify the hospital and the healthcare staff about specific decisions you may have taken for example, with regards to the continuation of medical treatment.
  • Inform the doctor/s of any changes in your health status.
  • Permit the hospital to obtain your medical records from other hospitals and clinics.
  • Inform our staff when you leave the hospital against medical advice from our Accident and Emergency Department or wards.

2. Follow the doctor’s recommended treatment plan

  • Follow the doctor’s treatment plan and inform us if you face any difficulty.
  • Tell us if you have any concerns about the treatment or if you have deviated from the treatment plan in any way.
  • Think carefully before deciding to refuse treatment

3. Show respect and consideration to our staff and patients

  • Respect the privacy of our patients.
  • Show respect and consideration to our staff
  • Be punctual for your appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know early.
  • Follow the hospital’s policies.
  • Be responsible for your own valuables. In fact, we discourage you from bringing them with you to the hospital.

4. Abide by hospital rules and regulations

5. Treat the hospital's properties and facilities with care and responsibility

6. Ensure your bills are paid