Cashless hospitalization facility is available only to corporate having official tie-up with the hospital
  • Planned Hospitalisation :The patient needs to submit the Credit letter from the corporate duly signed by the authorized signatory. The credit letter should mention the name of the patient, entitled class of accommodation and any other details as decided between the hospital and corporate. Stipulated deposit needs to be paid incase credit letter is not submitted.
  • Emergency Hospitalisation: Incase of emergency, cashless admission can be granted on producing valid corporate identity card. The patient should submit the credit letter from the corporate before discharge or on next working day whichever is earlier. Stipulated deposit needs to be paid incase credit letter is not submitted as mentioned above.
Please Note:
  • Change in settlement type (from Self Payee to Corporate and vice versa) is not allowed after admission
  • Criteria of deciding emergency hospitalization will be by the hospital or as per the terms and conditions of the agreement between the hospital and corporate
  • Follow-up for the authorization letter / enhancement letter is the sole responsibility of the patient
  • Assistance to initiate procedure for availing cashless facility is provided by the TPA assistance cell during working hours/days